We Are The Revolution, after Joseph Beuys 2006–2013 

The departing point of this project was the life-size image We Are the Revolution (La Rivoluzione siamo Noi, 1972) by the German artist Joseph Beuys. In this work, Beuys is walking with great confidence towards the camera, suggesting that we, the viewers, could form a revolution if we joined him. Beuys was a political artist, who considered art as a currency that could change society. I somewhat reversed Beuys’s idea, by following instead an individual who became an object of the inevitable forces of history rather than their master. Like a tourist, I travelled to historically significant sites and took photographs of me being there. But my artistic intention and experience were different from that of a tourist: I was there to walk as many steps as was the number of victims in the major political tragedies which made those particular sites historically significant. I ponder the question of the relation between individuals and large entities such as war, statistics, and centuries of history.