Room With a View 2011

One of the central themes in my art is the place of the individual in the history of his/her own time. For this work, I gathered anonymous ordinary people’s texts, which were written at the time of significant historical events: the murder of Franz Ferdinand, the Kristallnacht, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, September 11, etc. In addition to the text collage, the installation also includes a 16 mm film, featuring iconic images from 20th-century history, which I project on the bare hunched back of a hundred-year-old man.

16 mm film
Duration: 08 min. 46 sec.
Sound & design: Joni Virtanen
Cameraman: Veli Granö
Cast: Esko Puustinen
Financial support: Avek and Alfred Kordelin Fundation