My Weather Diary 2001 – ongoing (2051)

Since 2001, I have been taking a landscape photograph every day. I connect these photographs to important personal or world political events. These images link personal human relationships and terrorist attacks, bringing up children and genocide, the smell of coffee and the global economy. At present, My Weather Diary comprises thousands of photographs and constitutes a continuous process; hence, all the exhibitions on this topic have been different. The starting point of this work was that world events, personal events and weather will always repeat themselves and merge into one large continuum. Connecting landscapes with the news also concretizes how we are in contact with world events through the media. Everything is brought up close, which also means that events that are truly nearby are no longer close.

The My Weather Diary series has been shown at many exhibitions all over the world, including the 14th Biennale of Sydney (2004), the Belgrade Biennale (2006), the Seventh Biennial of African Photography in Bamako (2007), the MoMA PS1 in New York (2008), the independent curatorial space in St Petersburg, as part of the Manifesta 10 Festival (2014) and the D-Museum, Seoul (2018).